About Us

Listening to consumers. Identifying patterns. Watching the marketplace. Delving deep into industry-specific data. What separates the observer from the true consultant is the ability to know what to look for, understand what to listen to and being able to apply those insights in actionable, market-changing ways.

We're thinkers, designers and bottom-line types who imagine and implement exciting consumer experiences. We create the spaces, experiences and communications that put consumers in touch with brands.

Our in-depth understanding of retail and customer behaviour, combined with rich, discipline-specific expertise, simply means we know what we're doing, and we strive to do it exceedingly well.

Our Management Team

  • Rajan kaushik
  • Nitin Bhagat
  • Savita Kaushik
  • Anil
  • Jagdeep Aggarwal

Four Nine is the brainchild of its founder-directors Rajan Kaushik, NitinBhagat and Savita Kaushik . The Four Nine Team has professionals with rich experiences in marketing, advertising, production, creative designing, theatrics and artiste management, today work in close network facilitating flexibility, collaboration and efficiencies in deliveries, turn around time and crisis management.

Their rich experience and foresight has immensely helped deliver with consistency and efficiency to attain more value for the brands associated with Four Nine.

The100 plus team at Four Nine in 6 regional offices across the country; comprises accomplished individuals having expertise in marketing, advertising, communication, research, sports and production. What drives them is a commitment to building genuine relationships and cultivating trust —all the while nurturing the ideas that yield undeniable business success. We're a team with whom you can wrestle an idea to the ground, get up, dust off and go for coffee.