Our greatest asset is our willingness to understand the communications needs of the brand – needs that emanate from the marketing objectives, all within the milieu of market realities. 

Reinforcing the brand values through ideas that create 'disruption' and ensure cut-through making the communication memorable, novel and innovative.

We're professionals and red-blooded event lovers. And when we individually and collectively think big about the potential for our clients and their brands, there's no limit to what our imagination, drawing boards and fingertips can bring forth.

Our Events team is rich experiences in marketing, advertising, production, creative designing, theatrics and artiste management, who work in a close network facilitating flexibility and efficiencies in deliveries, turnaround time and crisis management.

And making the network operations successful is a team of seven line function specialists at work..

•  Business development
•  Strategy
•  Production
•  Creative Cell
•   Artiste management and man-power co-ordination
•  Fabrication
•   Permissions and Logistics
•   Merchandise sourcing